"I have more ideas in my head than I could ever carry out, but without it clouding my mind."
- Vincent Van Gogh (May 1890)

wtorek, 28 maja 2013

The final concept garment.

After two days, in the sense of the upcoming madness .. I finished final work - my little camisole .. I realize that in a sense, I  used the least possibilities of design, I have chosen as the final. Unfortunately, a week that I had available was a run on the 400 meters - very quickly I had to perform all the samples, complete the work in sketchbook and execute the final product.
A sense of dissatisfaction, is mixed with a conscience, and despite everything I devoted maximum time and my physical capabilities to the fact that although in most part to meet the initial assumptions.

Po dwóch dniach, w poczuciu nadchodzącego szaleństwa.. skonczylam końcowa pracę - .. zdaję sobie sprawę, ze w pewnym sensie wykorzystałam minimum mozliwosci wzoru, który wybrałam jako końcowy. niestety tydzień, jaki miałam do dyspozycji byl jak bieg na 400 metrów - w bardzo szybkim tempie musiałam wykonać wszystkie próbki, dokonczyć prace w sketchbooku oraz wykonać końcowy projekt - czyli uszyć koszulke nocna.
 Poczucie niedosytu, miesza się ze swiadomoscia, iz mimo wszytko poswieciłam maksymalny czas i moje mozliwosci fizyczne do tego, aby choć w większej czesci sprostać początkowym załozeniom.

piątek, 24 maja 2013

Henry VIII costumes.

 Henry VIII costumes feature a wide range of design, embroidered, or other applied techniques. I liked the above technique, so I decided (by doing the previously utilizing a sample of wallpaper) this time using satin and beads as decoration.

czwartek, 23 maja 2013

Sampling continuation...

Just started another sample..  They look similar, but varied decoration makes them different in the final result.

środa, 22 maja 2013

Another sample..


Today I finished another sample ... which took me only nine hours! Is it I'm so slow? But, I must admit, really I like it the end result.

wtorek, 21 maja 2013

First samples..

During my trip to Poland, commissioned by me literally at the last minute thermofax screen, was delivered. Thanks to this, the first day back, I could start the first samples. I made about 10 versions of my two designs, and after returning home, began a laborious, but fun part - stitching, decorating .. first results, as you can see the pictures .. both samples only took me about nine hours .. : )

czwartek, 9 maja 2013

Some ideas for thermofax screen..

(photo from internet)
I have to prepare a pattern that could I take advantage of the thermofax screen .. This is one of them - part of the vault of the Chapel Royal, which I saw during a visit to Hampton Court Palace .. really impressive.

"..The Chapel Royal has been in continuos use ever since Thomas Wolsey build it almost 500years ago. Henry VIII installed the magnificent vaulted ceiling here in the 1530s, and Queen Anne refurnished the interior of the chapel in the early 1700s." (Explore Hampton Court Palace, Souvenir Guidebook).


środa, 8 maja 2013

Palace of Holyroodhouse - looking for inspiration.

Looking for more inspiration, I went to Palace of Holyroodhose. In fact, never been there before and I have to say, that was really good expierence. So much history in not very big place .. Which lots of details can be inspiration for new ideas ..



wtorek, 7 maja 2013

The Tudors.. small progress in sketchbook..

After a day of gathering information and photographs, I began work in my sketchbooku.. little so far, but tiny progress has been made ..


poniedziałek, 6 maja 2013

Shakespeare in love...

" His main brief to me, was that it was to look like people wearing real clothes.. that they put on every morning, and somehow have that quality.
..You' ve got good characters to play
The characters are slightly more exanastraight, than they would be...inastreight, serios costiume drama.
One of my favorite films is the Zeffirelli  Romeo and Juliet scenes in this film.
Because we set the Romeo and Juliet in the film in the Renaissance period.. although technically, that wouldn't have happend in Shakespearean time. The actors would have worn contemporary costumes.
The costumes would have been donations from localty benefactors.. would hand down their old clothes. So reality, the look would have been more contemporary, but in order for it npt to be confusing within the context of the film, we set it in the Renaissance period."
- Sandy Powell (costume designer)
..such a nice dress...
I watched a video today: Sekspir in love. It seemed to me that I saw it before .. however .. what was my surprise when I saw shakespeare's globe. Theatre, which I really wanted to see and I managed it during a trip to London.

The film, however, allowed me to experience the unique pleasure to see amazing costumes!
After the movie, I watched a supplement - Interview with Sandy Powell - designer of these costumes. This prompted me to look for more information on this subject, and then I discovered that most of costume films, which were established in the UK, were formed  by her participation - she has designed costumes for such films like: "The Young Victoria", "The Other Boleyn Girl", "Rob Roy", and also "The Aviator".. as well as many others.
...Shakespeae's globe through my lens...

Sandy Powell and her costume's designs.. (all photos from internet).