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- Vincent Van Gogh (May 1890)

poniedziałek, 6 maja 2013

Shakespeare in love...

" His main brief to me, was that it was to look like people wearing real clothes.. that they put on every morning, and somehow have that quality.
..You' ve got good characters to play
The characters are slightly more exanastraight, than they would be...inastreight, serios costiume drama.
One of my favorite films is the Zeffirelli  Romeo and Juliet scenes in this film.
Because we set the Romeo and Juliet in the film in the Renaissance period.. although technically, that wouldn't have happend in Shakespearean time. The actors would have worn contemporary costumes.
The costumes would have been donations from localty benefactors.. would hand down their old clothes. So reality, the look would have been more contemporary, but in order for it npt to be confusing within the context of the film, we set it in the Renaissance period."
- Sandy Powell (costume designer)
..such a nice dress...
I watched a video today: Sekspir in love. It seemed to me that I saw it before .. however .. what was my surprise when I saw shakespeare's globe. Theatre, which I really wanted to see and I managed it during a trip to London.

The film, however, allowed me to experience the unique pleasure to see amazing costumes!
After the movie, I watched a supplement - Interview with Sandy Powell - designer of these costumes. This prompted me to look for more information on this subject, and then I discovered that most of costume films, which were established in the UK, were formed  by her participation - she has designed costumes for such films like: "The Young Victoria", "The Other Boleyn Girl", "Rob Roy", and also "The Aviator".. as well as many others.
...Shakespeae's globe through my lens...

Sandy Powell and her costume's designs.. (all photos from internet).


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