"I have more ideas in my head than I could ever carry out, but without it clouding my mind."
- Vincent Van Gogh (May 1890)

piątek, 3 maja 2013

Graded Unit 2 - Tudor England - Explororing Hampton Cuourt Palace.

Our London trip,  gave me a chance to visit and explore a Hampton Court Palace – “the rose red brick Tudor palace”...that's not only interesting way to know better the history, that was also a chance to meet face – to – face Henry VIII : ) 


Henry VIII...and not very happy Anne Boleyn..

...rich embroidery..


 ...He is really nice men... : )
..Most people know him like "the fat raging brute of tyrant who married six times".But there was also another Henry..After London trip, I remembered that I have a book about his life, so I decided to read it.. That was really interesting book! So when we came to our Graded Unit, I knew that I want to choose that Theme.

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